praise for weddings by hannah

mary and andrew

Hannah was truly my wedding fairy godmother. It is clear to see why Hannah came so highly recommended. Throughout the whole process she was professional, collaborative and truly a joy to work with. Her calm nature and knack for working efficiently helped ease so many of my worries. Hannah was also able to work with many different family members. With so many cooks in the kitchen Hannah was able to navigate through it all and ensure that the integrity and vision of the wedding was not lost among the chaos. My husband and I can now 100% say that hiring Hannah was one of the best decisions we made in the wedding planning process.

amy and travis

I don't even know where to start. Hannah has been amazing over our entire process. After we hired Hannah, I explained my plan and vision and what we wanted. She jumped in feet first and exceeded expectations with my parents (Which isn't easy). Hannah was quick to reply to questions and handled my OCD very well. About 6 weeks before our scheduled wedding, we had a major health issue and had to postpone a year. Hannah took care of everything and suggested how to let guests know what was going on. We picked back up where we left off and she was on it. She had worked with all the vendors to make sure they were able to hit the date we wanted. I felt so comfortable with Hannah taking care of everything. The day of was amazing, I found myself standing around because she and her staff had everything under control. It was the most amazing event and we were able to enjoy all of it. Of course we wished it lasted longer. Hannah made sure that we had all our gifts and cards, extra cookies from our reception and the cake top in our hotel room when we returned. She even called an Uber to take us home. I know it wasn't an easy feat to please us or my parents, but she went beyond and was so fun to work with.

alli and merrit

Having Lauren coordinate our special day was easily one of our best wedding planning decisions. Her behind-the-scenes work did not go unnoticed, and her hands-on help was phenomenal! Her attention to the details, big and small, were just as important to her as they were for us. Because of her help, our day was flawless and flowed smoothly, and we were able to enjoy every minute of it without a worry. Thank you Lauren!!

carolyn and bryan

We could not recommend Hannah enough. We planned our wedding from across the country(wedding in Kansas City, we live in San Diego). Hannah not only helped us have the wedding of our dreams, but she made the planning process fun and enjoyable. Picking Hannah as our Wedding Planner was hands down the best decision we made for our wedding! Hannah always provided great options and vendors tailored to our requests and preferences. She was extremely patient as we made decisions. She worked closely with us on the design of the night, and helped us pick a florist that helped realize that vision. The weekend of the wedding, Hannah was on top of everything! We (along with our families) could focus on enjoying the celebration, and Hannah ran a perfect show. Our wedding could not have been more perfect- literally flawless - all thanks to Hannah. Please do yourself a favor and hire Hannah as your wedding planner, you will not be disappointed with the process and the resulting wedding! She is an absolute dream!

molly and brock

I cannot say enough about how amazing Hannah is! Shortly after our engagement, my husband and I began to search for venues and quickly realized that we were in WAY over our heads and decided we needed some help. That is when I met Hannah, who I immediately knew was going to be the perfect fit to help us plan the big day. I am overwhelmed at how much Hannah surpassed every expectation that I had during the planning process. Each vendor she suggested we loved, her advice and attention to the details were invaluable. Without her, our wedding day would not have been the beautiful (and fun) event that it was. With Hannah there, I was able to enjoy the weekend with friends and family knowing that we were in the best hands! I will be forever grateful to the Weddings by Hannah team!

ali and kyle

If it wasnt for Hannah and her amazing team, our wedding would not have been the same!! From day one I knew we were going to be taken care of in the best way possible. Hannah is not only professional, detail oriented, but she is kind and thoughtful about each and every decision. No matter the task Hannah will find a way to make it work so you will have a magical day. Having Hannah made the planning process so fun!! I’ve seen so many brides hate the planning process, and I didn’t want mine to be this way. I know our wedding day wouldn’t have been so beautiful if it wasn’t for Hannah and all of her hard work! I will cherish our wedding day forever!! Thank you Hannah!!

carol and jonathan

Working with Hannah was absolutely amazing. She was extremely patient and took the time to truly understand what was most important to my Husband and I during our wedding planning. She held our hand every step of the process and did an amazing job making our day beautiful. Funny story, somehow I managed to forget my veil in NYC. While getting ready on my big day I suddenly realized I didn't have a veil. Without any hesitation Hannah goes "I got this". She then proceeds to call the Gown Gallery who graciously donated a veil for me to borrow for the day. She also found time to grab a bridesmaid from the airport who's flights were delayed and brought my friend to our group. She literally went above and beyond every step of the process. Our wedding day flowed seamlessly, everyone had a blast, and Hannah's organizational skills and precision are the reason for it. Can't thank her enough for everything she did for us. She was worth every penny!

Morgan and Dave

Best decision, hands down! My husband and I would joke about first checking to make sure everything was "Hannah approved" when making decisions. But truly, she works with you to make sure everything is perfect and lines with with your vision. Her advice and guidance was so important throughout the process. She had amazing vendor suggestions (also within budget!) and answered countless questions along the way. She was there to give any advice but also made sure the wedding was how you envisioned it. We cannot image our day without Hannah's help!

becca and dan

Choosing a wedding planner was one of our top priorities after getting engaged. We try to spend our money on experiences rather than things, so we knew we needed an experienced planner not only for the big day, but also for the planning process. Paying for a planner was an investment in a smooth, fun, and enjoyable planning process and Weddings by Hannah was absolutely worth it. Hannah is such a fun person to be around and work with - we clicked at our first meeting and I was genuinely excited for my friends and family to meet her at the wedding! Any time someone asked if we were enjoying all the planning (which was almost always sarcastic), we both laughed because we genuinely were! Selecting vendors wasn't intimidating because Hannah would give us a manageable list to choose from that fit both our budget and style. It was easier to stay on budget because she had a solid sense of what was okay to trim if we got a vendor estimate that was higher than expected. It was such a relief to know nothing would slip through the cracks because we had an expert on board! It was also wonderful knowing there was a person who wouldn't tire from answering random questions about etiquette or bridesmaid dress colors or florals. The week of the wedding wasn't stressful like so many say it is, because we knew all our bases were covered - and if anyone asked me a question I didn't know the answer to, I could direct them to Hannah. I joked that she knew what was going on on our wedding day more than I did! Hannah helped us create the perfect celebration that fit who we are and what we imagined. Even the week after our honeymoon I was nostalgic for not just the wedding but also the planning process, meetings and all! Hannah Schumm is an all-star and I am so grateful for her expertise and professionalism. I seriously cannot thank Weddings by Hannah enough for helping us plan the best party we've ever thrown!