Do I need a wedding planner?

Yes! We recommend a planner for any event no matter the details, complexity or budget. A wedding planner manages your investment to ensure that your time and money were well spent by executing your plans, organizing the team, setting up your details and allowing you to enjoy your day! It is an invaluable service that you will never regret.


What package is best for me?

That depends on your event and the level of help you prefer.

Our Full Service Package is all-inclusive and starts at the time the contract is signed. We act as your personal assistant throughout the planning process, involved in every detail surrounding your wedding day!


Can I customize a package?

Absolutely!! We are happy to work with your budget and service specifications!

However, as an all-inclusive service, we like to do it all! It’s a great value to have us involved in each element, as they tend to depend on each other. But we are always happy to talk this through and make sure your package is just what you need!


What if my venue provides a planner?

We are very comfortable working with on-site coordinators at venues and churches. This is a regular occurrence for us and we will work alongside them to make sure all your details are in place. Typically, your on-site coordinator is essential in the back-of-the-house execution and managing the facility, they are a key part to your vendor team, along with the other professionals you have hired. Weddings by Hannah supervises your vendor team, confirming they have all the details and instructions necessary to execute your event.

Although the venue coordinators are vital, they do not give the level of attention to your event details that a full-service planner would. We are dedicated and involved in each detail related to your event, not just the venue. We only take a certain number of weddings each year to ensure a very focused approach.


How does a wedding planner save money?

One of our first objectives is to set a realistic budget. Although we do receive some discounts from our fabulous vendors, the best way we save you money is by recommending and referring a vendor team that fits within or under the budget. We help you prioritize and edit your plans in order to stay within budget, as well as meet your expectations.

We also continuously track your budget so you are always aware of your bottom line. This allows us to make changes along the way to ensure we stay within your set parameters.


Do you have specific vendors you recommend?

Yes! We love to work with our tried and true team. We know their personalities, work styles, pricing and dependability. We feel comfortable that they will deliver the best service and work in tandem with the rest of your vendors. A predictably perfect service is what we like to extend to our clients and that is evident in our recommendations!

Having said that, we LOVE to meet new professionals and are always happy to work with your recommendations. If necessary, we will talk you through any issues or red flags that we may have working with unfamiliar vendors. The team we assemble is critical to the success of your event and will advise you if we see any foreseeable problems.


What additional costs should we expect?

If you are hiring Weddings by Hannah to plan a destination wedding, more than 50 miles outside of Kansas City, Missouri you will be responsible for her travel fees, along with those of her assitant team. She also requires a per diem for each day spend away from home. 

If you are hiring Weddings by Hannah to execute and supervise a wedding involving a tent, there will be a surcharge. Tent weddings require multiple build days, additional assistants, large teams of vendors and more time. Especially when tents are built on provate property we want to ensure you are well taken care of and have the oversight needed to prevent damage, additional expenses and the correct outcome. 

Any other additional events, rehearsal dinners, bridal luncheons, welcome parties will be subject to additional fees and contracts will be signed to reflext those. 

All additional charges will be discussed upfront and added to the contract. There will not be any surprises at the end of planning. 


What don’t you do?

We try be as helpful as possible within your planning package parameters and are very upfront with all the inclusions. Our philosophy is to provide you with the best service possible and that often requires us to do whatever it takes to make your experiences as stress-free as possible. When you meet with Lauren or Hannah, please ask for specific examples. We would be happy to talk through the many inclusions and very few exclusions!


Do you Travel?

Yes, we love to travel! We do require all travel costs for planners and assistants be covered by the client, as well as travel costs for one planning visit prior to wedding day.


What do you wear?

Our appearance is very important to us, as it represents you and your event! We dress in professional attire for all meetings and wedding day. We want you to be proud of your team.